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Welcome to the littles by Bella world!

My real name is Izabella Seixas, everyone call me Bella.

In 2007, I came across my passion for felt and fabrics, dolls started doing little things, bought my first sewing machine and i found myself in a lot of creativity and satisfaction, I started making fabric necklace, bracelets, mini dolls, and. I started to give some friends and family, Then suddenly came sales, dolls, toys and I fell in love !!!

I love what I do! The pieces are created with love and dedication to all of my customers of all ages.
I love to customize dolls and different items, all in fabric ..
All are a challenging opportunity for me, it makes me very happy!
My inspiration for the long -legs dolls, came from Tonne Finnanger the Tilda doll s creator the books gave me knowledge so I could make my own dolls, dressed in my style.
 It made me give free to my creativity and imagination ... I create different pieces, all unique and fun.
to my greatest satisfaction is collecting smiles and happiness of all my clients ...

thanks for reading about me,

You are always welcome here!

Izabella Seixas

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